10 February 2015
Albert Neve Maverick Extended Club con Les Castizos Desalia Music

Gana 1 día en el estudio con Albert Neve

Last 15th of Decembre, Albert Neve came back with the launch on Beatport of a new club version of his latest track featuring Les Castizos, Maverick Extended Club.

To mark the launching of this new track, Albert proposed a new European competition in order to make the track known and, at the same time, give one of his fans the possibility to spend a whole day in the studio with him and have the chance to work together, give him production tricks or simply enjoy the company of the Spanish deejay in his working environment.

This new activity reinforces the artist’s will of sharing some of the tricks learned during his professional career with the new generation of deejays and producers, as we have already seen in some recent tutorials or in his professional Masterclasses.

After almost 2 months of competition, we are thrilled to announce that the winner of the day in the studio with Albert Neve is Jesus Naya Piqueras.


You can enjoy the Maverick Extended Club here: http://bit.ly/MaverickBeatport